Sunday, February 3, 2013

Closing Down

I am closing the blog "Beyond the Drowning Woods" effective immediately. Back in January 2013, on the occassion of the FATE Core Kickstarter, I began a new blog called "Wings of FATE". Currently, I am concentrating on FATE to the exclusion of most other game systems, so it doesn't really help to have two blogs around. Especially, as I am debating to convert the Drowning Woods setting to FATE Core.

In case you are interested in my thoughts on Old School gaming, I'll be keeping the blog around a little bit longer. But I won't be doing any updates anymore. Instead, the existing posts will be transferred to the blog "Wings of FATE". To mark that occassion, I have renamed the "Wings of FATE" to "Fate of the Drowning Woods".

I sincerly hope to welcome any interested readers on the new blog.

Thanks for following my blog and have a good time!

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