Sunday, January 6, 2013

Whatever happened in Bögenhafen?

It's been awhile since I posted about the Warhammer 3rd Edition campaign, so this post will just be a quick summary of the sessions spend in Bögenhafen. The following play report is vastly simplified to give a very quick overview of our (mis)adventures. The story was finished right before Christmas 2012 and started back in September 2012, but we were only playing now and then. Therefore a lot of details are missing.

When the group arrived in the city, the "Schaffenfest" was in full swing. But the group's erstwhile employer, Rickard Aschaffenberg had provided them with rooms at the "Golden Trout". The inn was run by a halfling, who was related to the landlord of the "Green Glade Inn". Since Rickard Aschaffenberg had apparently travelled to Übersreik on some business, they decided to stay until he returned, because he still owed them some money for saving him at the Grunwald Lodge.

The group decided to use the time to explore Bögenhafen, do some research regarding the book "De Naturis Demonibus" and enjoy the Schaffenfest. Volcifar was making quite a big fool out of himself, when he inquired about the book at the temple of Sigmar. In the end, he was thrown out of the temple. He fared a little bit better at the Verena temple. Here he got some answers, but not really enough to show him how to get rid of the book. He is getting a bit desperate, in case the Weaver of Fates turns out to be more than a nightmare.

Athelas and Finubaryel spend time at the Schaffenfest, but apparently elves weren't very welcome there. The market judges more or less banned them.

Lutz was feeling out the underworld of Bögenhafen. Apparently, a halfling had taken over the thieves' guild and was running a brisk business in stolen body parts (yes this is as gruesome as it sounds).

Athelas and Lutz continued to investigate the stolen body parts and found out about a cult called the "Ordo Sextenarius". Apparently, they were replacing key personages of Bögenhafen with demon-possessed constructs (or something similar). Their investigation came to a sudden halt when they confronted some sort of doctor who used demonic magic of Slaanesh against them. He fled, and they weren't able to follow.

Meanwhile, Finubaryel and Volcifar entered into a brothel called the "Red Sail", because the "Ordo Sextenarius" seemed to be headquartered there. They met Ludwig von Brunner, the son of the inquisitor Helmut von Brunner. Apparently he had fallen in love with the beautiful Esmeralda, one of the girls working at the "Red Sail". But the visit of the High Elf and the wizard's apprentice didn't turn up anything particularly suspicious.

Still, the group was suspicious and decided to invade the "Red Sail" at a special day (I don't remember which one). There they found Rickard Aschaffenberg being tortured, and Ludwig von Brunner becoming a victim in a strange ritual performed by Siegfrey Aschaffenberg (cousin of Rickard), the doctor who had escaped earlier and Esmeralda, as well as several girls working at the "Red Sail". The group didn't quite manage to disrupt the ritual that turned Esmeralda into some sort of demonette. But Athelas defeated the demonatted with her two swords and her war dances. Volcifar managed to save Ludwig von Brunner and Rickard Aschaffenberg.

In the end, Bögenhafen was saved, nobody had noticed what the player characters had accomplished, but all of them escaped with their lives. I hope that at least Rickard Aschaffenberg and Helmut Brunner will be grateful.

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