Monday, July 2, 2012

Three players or four?

First, is three a group of three players really the sweet spot? Nimea thinks so. I don't quite agree. Three is an ideal number if there are no frictions between the characters and everyone is basically getting along. If one player has a different agenda for her character or the players don't get along so well, three is toxic. In the end it will tear the group apart.

If I can't go with three, I am going with four players. That is the sweet spot in my opinion. Still, everyone's turn approaches fast enough. If there is some friction, it usually isn't with all players. If one player really has a different agenda, the group is not critically weakened.

So I think,  my response is to go with three players, when everyone is getting along in and out of character. Four it is when there players and/or characters don't get along very smoothly or a completely new player joins a group.

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  1. I've played plenty of games with three players, but I prefer four or five; if nothing else, it means if one player misses a session we can still carry on rather than wait for a few weeks until there are enough people. Playing with two isn't as great as it could be.