Sunday, July 1, 2012

A new danger for my Dungeon World game

So far, the dwarves from Svarturvigi are skirmishing with the elves of the Aelfrick Forest or as the elves call, it the Airgiodach Forest. The elves have retaliated against Friarsbridge, not knowing about the allegiances of the human town. What will happen next? I can see the grim portents of the next impending doom.

  1. Friarsbridge calls for help in Solacebury.
  2. Militia from Solacebury attacks an elven village.
  3. The elven druids awaken the soul of the Airgiodach.
Impending Doom: Pestilence. The Aelfrick Forest turns into a cursed land.

The question I can't quite solve: should I let those events happen off-screen and simply start to treat the Aelfrick Forest as a new danger? Or should I involve the players? Then I would have to decide what the danger is that causes the Aelfrick Forest to turn into a danger itself? Is it an ambitious organization: The Solacebury militia or the Druids of the Airgiodach? Is it a horde: the Solacebury militia or the Elves of the Aelfrick forest?

The aggressor seems to be the militia. Maybe seizing an opportunity for capturing the elven lands. On the other hand, the elves are retaliating against the aggressions of the dwarves. Yes, that seems right. Solacebury is trying to capitalize on the opportunity, and never realize what danger they are actually unleashing.

And again, the heroes will be the ones to trigger events. When (if) they get to Friarsbridge, the mayor will ask them to go to Solacebury to ask for assistance. If they don't, word gets send with Sorrenson's caravan.

Depending on how the fronts play out, things could get very messy in that corner of Dungeon World. This front will be titled: "The Darkening of the Airgiodach" (module series DA). Now, I am of to writing a new adventure front.

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