Sunday, July 29, 2012

Meeting Jakob Bauer, Witch Hunter

Yesterday, we played another installment in our ongoing Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd Edition campaign. Not really much did happen. The group continued to explore the Morr temple, the graveyard and a small crypt. The heroes found out that something called a dream orb had been stolen by Verne Henrick and that the missing orb was causing nightmares in the area. The priests of the temple had been gruesomely murdered, and at night all of the heroes had nightmares. Athela, Finubaryel and Lutz dreamt of being part of a zombie army attacking some castle. Volcifar received another offer by the Weaver of Fates, apparently a lieutenant of Tzeentch, to lead his armies. Volcifar flat out denied that request.

Upon returning to the Green Glade Inn, the group was told a mysterious messenger was waiting for them. The messenger turned out to be Jakob Bauer, a witch hunter from Altdorf. Apparently, anonymous source had informed him about the happenings at Grunwald Lodge. But he was a bit misinformed as to the heroes' involvement. So they correct his version of events by telling him what really happened. Volcifar even tried to turn over the chaotic book on the nature of demons, but somehow ended up with it again - only now it's warded by the inquisition. At least the group convinced him of their sincerity, so instead of travelling directly to Altdorf, the witch hunter leads the group to Bogenhaven.

The session was mostly taken up by rather unsuccessful exploration and rather successful negotiation, so newly discovered information was at a minimum and the plot also didn't develop very far.

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