Saturday, July 7, 2012

At the Inn of the Green Glade

And now for another installment of the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd Edition actual plays:

Our heroes Finubaryel, the high elven bounty hunter, Athela, the wild elven blade dancer, Lutz, the Reiklander smuggler, and Volcifar, the Reiklander wizard's apprentice of the Grey Order have spent a night at the Green Glade Inn, run by a halfling and his two daughters. They had been escorting Lord Rickard Aschaffenberg from the burnt remains of Grunwald Lodge to Bogenhaven. During the night, Volcifar had been attacked by a Skaven, but he chased it of and went back to sleep.

In the morning, a scream awakes everyone. Going down into the taproom, the heroes see the corpse of Astrid. She was one of the guards of Lord Aschaffenberg. Apparently, she had stabbed herself to death with her sword. At least the sword was still stuck in her neck. Athela carried the corpse into the stable in order to search it for any signs of poisoning. Volcifar did a quick magical examination and found out that Astrid had been influenced by magic.

Meanwhile, Lutz talked to Mona, the innkeeper's daughter. She told him about bad dreams she had been having, a strange figure with the heads of two vultures trying to talk to her. She also said, that Morr wasn't guarding her dreams anymore. After talking to Mona, Lutz found strange footsteps leading from the forest to the inn. Apparently, some beastman had walked to the inn and climbed the wall leading to Volcifar's room.

Volcifar was taken aside by Lord Aschaffenberg who wanted to know about the suicide of Astrid. He assured him that it was not a suicide and that they would try to solve the mystery surrounding her death. Also, finally he took the time to negotiated a proper payment for saving his lordship and escorting him savely to Bogenhaven.

The party of adventurers (actually swords for hire) met in Volcifar's room and exchanged information. Well, actually Volcifar was doing most of the talking. He told the group about his strange vision of Tzeentch, that he hadn't burned the book on the nature of demons, and that he had chased away a Skaven. Finubaryel, Athela and Volcifar decided to finally burn the book. Lutz choose to look around the room and the inn some more.

Lutz didn't find any trail of a wounded Skaven leading away from the inn. So he suspects that it might be hiding on the roof or in the cellar. But his search didn't turn up anything. In the room he found a strange sigil carved on the underside of the table. It seemed to be related to dreams and nightmares but neither Finubaryel nor Volcifar could make sense of it.

Volcifar and Athela tried to the burn the book and failed. Drowning it in water also failed. Therefore, Finubaryel tied knots around the book and sealed them with wax. Then Volcifar hid the book again.

Earlier, Lutz had given him the message that the wizard's apprentice had found on the body of the dead witch hunter at Grunwald Lodge. Volcifar took the time to decode the message after having a flash of insight about the code (well, the player had been doing some research). But Volcifar didn't have time yet to tell the other characters what he had deciphered.

Finubaryel talked to the innkeeper. He told her that Astrid's death was already the second suicide at the inn. The other one immolated himself. It all seemed related to the visit of a stranger that looked suspiciously like Vern Hendrick, the manservant of Lord Aschaffenberg. Before the lodge was attacked, Finubaryel told Vern to save himself and leave the lodge. Apparently, Vern wasn't as innocent as he seemed.

Everything found at the inn seemed to bear some relation to Morr, the god of death and sleep. Mona told them there was a small temple nearby. They decided to take Astrid's corpse to the temple in order to have her burried and ask the priests of Morr some questions about the strange sigil.

Arriving at the temple after a short hike of about three hours, the heroes found the cemetary to be overrun by strange diseased rats, ravens perched on the temple roof, and blood smeared inside. Finubaryel talked to a raven who gave her short answers. Apparently, they had to search for some stone that covers an entrance to the crypts.

While trying to reach the temple again, they were attacked by a swarm of rats. But managed to defeat them without sustaining any injuries. After the battle, they discovered a tombstone belonging to a certain Vern Hendrick...

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