Sunday, July 8, 2012

Against the Deep Elves

Yesterday, I've started a new group of players on Dungeon World. This was kind of an experiment, since some of the players weren't sure, if they would enjoy calssic fantasy gaming. This post contains my prep for the first session. Actual play report and a small map will be forthcoming in the next few days.


  • Do you follow the ancient religion of the earth, the trees and sky?
  • Why did you swear allegiance to Laird Emrys ap Glyndwr?
  • Is he a worshipper of the Iron God or Ancient Religion?
  • What is his clan hold Morwenstone known for?
  • What was the Lairds greatest feat?
  • Who did you fight at the battle of Oakridge?
  • Why were you the only survivors?
  • Did Laird Emrys fight and die at Oakridge?


  • Starkly beautiful and lonely highlands
  • Cold lakes
  • Small stands of evergreens
  • Mist shrouded valleys
  • Dark and dank bogs surrounded by ancient trees
  • Round huts with thatched roofs
  • Rain turns the roads to mud
  • Howling winds
  • Square stone towers surrounded by wooden palisades
  • Shepherds tending to large herds of sheep
  • Black dogs that are almost wolf-like in appearance
  • Druidic priests eying strangers suspiciously
  • Red-clad priests of the Iron God wearing iron masks are preaching to the people
  • The Cathedral of the Burning Sword stretches its bleak and grey towers into the sky like a blight on the land
  • In the clan moot, traditional lairds argue against lairds aligning with the Church of the Iron God


Close, +1 damage, ignores armor, dangerous, 2 weight
An iron long sword sheathed in writhing flames hangs in mid-air above the altar to the Iron God. The sword allegedly was forged by the god himself and is a sign of his blessing. It cuts through anything and can set any wooden object on fire. If you grab the sword, you roll +WIS. If you don’t worship the Iron God take a -2 on the roll. If you are a druid, take a -3 instead. On a 10+ you take the sword and ignore the dangerous tag while wielding it. On a 7-9 you take the sword and chose one:
  • You may ignore the dangerous tag while wielding the sword
  • Do not take 2d6 fire damage each time you draw the sword
On a miss, you take 2d6 points of fire damage and the sword won’t budge.

A dead tree decorated by bleached skulls of all kinds of creatures: humans, animals, fantastic beasts, elves, dwarves and humanoids. The bark oozes greenish sap and a chorus of moaning voices can be heard around the tree.

Custom Moves

When you are asking for hospitality at a clan hold, you roll +CHA. On a 10+ you can stay for up to three days as an honored guest and take +1 forward to your next steading move. On a 7-9 chose two:
You may only stay one night
You have to make yourself useful
You are regarded with suspicion
You impress one of the young adults
On a miss you are turned away.


Lizard Men, Trolls, Centaurs, Eagle Lords, Elvish Warriors, Elvish High Arcanist, Griffins, Ogres, Hill Giants, Razor Boars, Worgs, Manticore, Owlbears, Deep Elf Assassin, Deep Elf Swordmaster, Deep Elf Priestess, Dragon, Minotaur.

(Small groups, small, intelligent)
Attack: d8*b (antlers)
HP: 6   
Armor: 1 (thick hide)
Special Qualities: Close, +1 Piercing, Winged
Bizarre, savage creatures, perytons combine the features of ominous birds of prey, mighty stags, and ravenous wolves. Stealing the features of a lean buck for its body, forelegs, and jagged antlers, a peryton’s wings, hindquarters, and razor-sharp talons are those of some mighty avian predator. Below eyes burning with endless hunger sprouts a wolf ’s muzzle, filled with shearing, bloody teeth, stained by gory evidence of the beast’s insatiable appetite for warm hearts. Strangest, though, is the creature’s shadow, which light reveals to be not that of a winged quadruped, but a humanoid silhouette.
Instinct: To tear out a victim’s heart and mate.
  • Shred armor
  • Deflect a blow from a weapon


Aeronwy, Alis, Andras, Bedwyr, Betrys, Branwen, Cadfan, Caradoc, Carys, Dafydd, Delwyn, Drystan, Eiluned, Emrys, Enid, Glyndwr, Gruffydd, Gwawr, Heddwyn, Hefina, Hywel, Idris, Ieuan, Iorwerth, Llew, Llewelyn, Lowri, Madog, Maredudd, Morcant, Nerys, Nesta, Nia, Olwen, Owain, Owena, Padrig, Pedr, Pryderi, Rhianu, Rhiannon, Rhys, Seren, Sioned, Sior, Taffy.


  1. This looks really cool and I'm excited to see the AP. One thing I'm curious about is the Peryton's move "Deflect a blow from a weapon". If you're making a move, it generally means the players missed or did nothing; you won't make a move if they successfully attack. Do you instead apply it to the next attack that would be made against them?

  2. Love the idea for the setting, very evocative. I'm still kicking myself over missing the kickstarter. As i haven't had the chance to look through the rules, i was wondering if you wouldn't mind answering a few questions, hopefully they aren't too stupid;

    :are the two bullet points below the monster it's moves?

    :do they correspond to abilities laid out in the actual rules or do come up with unique abilities to suit the monsters?

    :are their effects determined by you ingame or do you have actual 'hard' mechanics created for them elsewhere?

  3. You know that you could always become a member of the Adventuring Guild? That's what I did. That's why I am posting all those APs ;)

    I don't mind answering those those questions at all.

    - Yes, the two bullet points are the monster's moves.
    - You come up with unique abilities to suit the monster.
    - The effects are determined ingame. And they were pretty hard. The peryton shredded the thief's armor.

  4. thanks, i was going to join the guild but i can't seem to find a copy of the rules that would allow me to play that first game - do i have to email the creators or is there something obvious i'm missing? - i see a github page but the documents in that are near unreadable

  5. I think you can just contact Sage and Adam. They are usually glad to help out - and as far as I saw on the Kickstarter page, the Adventurer's Guild is still open.

  6. thanks man, i sent them off an email and they replied within 30 minutes or so