Sunday, June 24, 2012

Svarturvigi, the Black Fortress

Svarturvigi is the town were the trade caravan from Solacebury (see "The Barrow of Dwarven Queen" adventure) is travelling to. As preparation for the game session next Friday, I've decided to flesh out the town of Svarturvigi.

Prosperity: Moderate
Population: Steady
Defenses: Guard
Other Tags: Dwarven, Personage (Rafnar, the Blackened Warlord - notorious for terrorizing elven steadings in the Aelfrick Forest) Trade (Solacebury, Friarsbridge).

Notes: The Black Fortress is listed as trade by Solacebury, therefore I've chosen the option "the town is build around a military post". It's in the name really. As Problem I picked "notorious outlaw lives in town". Since I picture the Black Fortess to be a dwarven steading, I added the tag "Dwarven".

  • Huge granite walls
  • Narrow streets
  • A big fortress in the middle of town
  • Bustling with dwarves
  • Dwarven stone galleys moored in the harbor
  • Busy docks
  • Dwarven guards in black armor marching through the streets
  • Elven prisoners displayed in iron cages hanging from the wall
  • A small shrine devoted to the secretive cult of Gurun, the dwarven god of medicine (Gurun is worshipped by Durgar the Cleric).
Custom move: Avoid harassment by the guards of Svaturvigi
When you are accosted by the guards, roll +STR. On a 10+ they respect your strength and leave you alone, on a 7-9 chose one:
  • They let you go after you pay them Charisma coins
  • They confiscate your most valuable item
  • They arrest one of your hirelings
Rafnar, the Blackened Warlord (Solitary, Organized, Intelligent, Hoarder, Terrifying)
Attack: d10+2*b damage (two-handed axe)
HP: 12
Armor: 3 (plate armor)
Special Qualities: Close, Messy, +1 Piercing, half-melted face and radiates vengeance and cruelty)
Rafnar, the warlord of Svarturvigi, is a grizzled dwarf with a salt-and-pepper beard, his face half-burned by an elven arcanist. He wears an eye-patch over his left eye. A huge two-handed axe is always within easy reach. Rafner is renown for his hatred of elves. He uses every opportunity to harrass and hassle them.
Instinct: To pillage and plunder elven steadings
  • Mutilate and torment elves
  • Call for dwarven reinforcements
Dwarven steading guards (Group, Organized, Intelligent, Cautious)
Attack: d8 damage (axe)
HP: 6
Armor: 3
Special Qualities: Close,
Rafnar employs vicious dwarven guards that strut around town like they own the place. They are ruffians spoiling for a fight. They are armed with axes, shields and chain mail.
Instinct: Pick a fight
  • Arrest anyone who disturbs the peace
  • Call for dwarven reinforcements

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