Saturday, June 23, 2012

Return to Dungeon World

It is finally decided. Next Friday will see our return to Dungeon World. But there will be a change of players. Basically, two players will continue and one to three new players will join. Now, the interesting question will be: do I continue the story of the two remaining players and simply add in the new players, or do we start over with a new first session? Both options have their appeal and I will probably prepare for both.

Option 1: Returning characters.
The characters of the returning players conveniently are Grimdrig the dwarven fighter and Durgar the dwarven cleric. Durgar is possessed by the spirit of an ancient (Derro) dwarven queen. So I have a hook right there. Probably I will prepare a front and some information about the town the dwarves are travelling to. Today, I already found a name for the town: Svarturvigi, the Black Fortress. I imagine this to be an ancient dwarven port town.

Option 1 will be viable, if nobody else wants to be the fighter or the cleric.

Option 2: New first session.
This would be a good solution to give everyone a fresh start. Unfortunately, it will also mean that I am never going to find out about the fate of Durgar. For a fresh start I am going to prepare some impressions and questions up front. Currently, I am in the mood for some sort of "gateway to the desert". Maybe I've just spend too much time in Act II of Diablo 3 in the city of Caldeum... Let's see what I'll come up with.

Option 2 will be a completely new game, but I have some ideas for an interesting setting in mind.

In the next days I am going to post more about my preparations.

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