Monday, June 4, 2012

Professions for Lamentations of the Flame Princess

This is just a quick post with the professions I came up with (heavily inspired by ACKS). My idea is, each character gains one profession at 1st level, and every 4 levels afterwards (5th, 9th, 13th, 17th). Acquiring a new profession takes 1d4 months of actually working in that profession. High intelligence grants bonus professions (Intelligence 13+ grants one bonus profession at 1st level, Intelligence 16+ grants another one at 5th level, and Intelligence 18 another one at 9th level).

This is the list each character can pick from:

Profession Bonus
Acrobat Increase dexterity bonus by +1.
Alchemist Increase intelligence bonus by +1.
Archer Gain a +1 bonus to ranged attacks.
Assassin Gain a +1 bonus to the sneak attack skill.
Astrologer Increase wisdom bonus by +1.
Battle mage Gain +1 initiative when casting spells; reduce spell
immunity of opponents by 10%.
Berserker Gain +2 to attack rolls, immune to fear, -2 to AC. Lasts
until end of combat.
Blacksmith Gain a +1 bonus to the tinker skill.
Captain Retainers check morale with a -2 bonus to the roll.
Cat burglar Gain a +1 bonus to the climb skill.
Cavalryman Reduce penalties for missile attacks while mounted to -2.
Conjurer When caster takes damage while casting, he can still attach
Diplomat Receive a -2 bonus on NPC Reactions.
Enchanter Cast charm person or sleep on person of preferred gender. Lasts 
as long as character keeps playing her instrument.
Engineer Gain a +1 bonus to the architecture skill.
Fletcher Missile attacks gain a +1 bonus to damage.
Forester Gain a +1 bonus to the bushcraft skill.
Gambler Earn 1d6x10 sp per month.
Guard Melee attacks gain a +1 bonus to damage.
Guide Gain a +1 bonus to the search skill.
Healer (1+INT mod) patients recover additional 1d3 hp per day.
Hermit Gain a +1 bonus to saves vs. non-magic effects.
Hunter Character can make ranged sneak attacks at short distance.
Knight Gain +2 bonus determining retainers loyalty/morale.
Laborer Increase constitution bonus by +1.
Mercenary Increase strength bonus by +1.
Merchant Increase charisma bonus by +1.
Minstrel Gain a +1 bonus to the busking skill.
Monk/Nun Gain a +1 bonus to saves vs. magic effects.
Musketeer Gain a +1 bonus to armor class, when wearing leather armor or
Mystic Caster does not have to speak to cast spells.
Necromancer Character can cast animate dead once per week.
Peddler Buy items for 10% less, sell items for 10% more.
Pick pocket Gain a +1 bonus to the sleight of hands skill.
Prophet Lawful character can cast the commune spell once per week.
Scholar Gain a +1 bonus to the legend lore skill.
Scout Character needs only 4 hours of sleep to be completely rested.
Scribe Gain a +1 bonus to the languages skill.
Sharpshooter May target opponents engaged in melee.
Soldier Gain a +1 bonus to melee attacks.
Soothsayer Chaotic character can cast the contact outer sphere spell once 
per week.
Spy Gain a +1 bonus to the stealth skill.
Thug Gain a +1 bonus to the open doors skill.
Witch Character can cast bestow curse once per week.

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