Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Moveable parts and fiddly bits: customization in Lotfp

Something that has gone around in my head for sometime: players like to customize, they like to play with options. In Lotfp, this is a bit lacking. Sure, clerics and wizards have options regarding their spell choice and how to expand that choice. Specialists get to distribute points on common activities. Elves are spell-casters and share in the wizard's game of spell choices. But what about fighters, dwarves and halflings? They notably lack any way to customize their characters beyond chosing armor and weapons. Those are fairly standardized in Lotfp.

That is the issue I have most with Lotfp. Fighters, dwarves and halflings lack moveable parts and fiddly bits. I feel the need to address that further than with profession. Everyone is getting those.

Stay tuned.

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  1. I constantly struggle with this. I think the "boring" fighter is a deliberate and probably wise design -- it has a simple playstyle with very little up front cost to the new or casual player. Yet I still want to fiddle with creating choice and involvement through class progression.