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Friarsbridge is a village upriver from Svarturvigi. I imagine a small rural community centered on a monastery. It was built at an easy river crossing and later on, a bridge was built across the river. The tolls collected at the bridge go to the monastery. In return, the friars are responsible for the upkeep of the bridge.  Trade from Solacebury across the river forms the majority of the revenue.

In terms of Dungeon World:

Prosperity: Dirt
Population: Shrinking
Defenses: Militia
Other Tags: Divine, History (miracle), Oath (Solacebury), Resource (wheat)

Notes: Obviously, I have chosen the option "The village was built on the site of religious significance". Technically, I don't know yet, if Friarsbridge is part of a kingdom or empire. But the option simply fits. As a problem, the most obvious choice would have been "dedicated to a deity". But that would make for a rather one-dimensional village, so I selected: "has recently fought a battle". That gives a more interesting situation to deal with and conjures images. The village fought until the bitter end, but they repelled the attackers.

  • Breached barricades
  • Smokings ruins of outlying houses
  • Empty buildings, their inhabitants killed
  • A huge mass grave dug by friars
  • Most people are injured
  • Friars attending the wounded and leading the rebuilding effort
  • Crippled soldiers begging for money

Custom Moves:
When you give money to the crippled soldiers, take +1 forward on your next Recruit move.
When you make a Supply move, take -1 because of the dire situation.

Okay, I have an idea about the battle: elves from the nearby Aelfrick Forest attacked the village as retaliation to the raids of the dwarves of Svarturvigi. They either never realized or didn't care that Friarsbridge owes allegiance to Solacebury and not Svarturvigi. Now the humans of Solacebury may become involved in the dwarven-elven feud going on here.

Looking at the description, some obvious questions pop into my mind:
  • Who is worshipped by the friars of the monastery?
  • What miracle happened in town?
  • When did the miracle happen?
For those questions, I don't have a clear answer yet. So maybe I am going to ask the players when they get to Friarsbridge. Or the fiction will reveal the answers.

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