Sunday, June 17, 2012

Experience for Old School RPGs

As I've posted earlier, I don't really like how Lotfp is dependent on gaining treasure for getting experience points. Also, I would like to emphasize gaining experience for defeating monster. Yet, I also don't want to clutter my game with monster encounters. I've so far suggested to hand out more experience for monsters, but that didn't seem right either.

Now, I've read Dungeon Crawl Classics, and really like its approach to handing out XP. But DCC revamps the whole XP system. I want something more compatible with all Old School and Old School+ games. That's what I came up with:

Experience depends entirely on the subjective difficulty level of the encounter. The GM hands out experience depending on the amount of resources expended and the damage incurred by the characters. Each surviving character gets the listed award.

500 XP - The group face overwhelming danger, one or several characters died, and in the end the survivors had to flee. The survivors gain a lot of experience from their defeat.

250 XP - The group faced considerable danger, possibly one of them died, but in the end, the characters were victorious.

125 XP - The group faced difficult danger, they had to expend considerable resources, but defeated their enemies in the end.

60 XP - The group faced danger, but handily defeated them, suffering some injuries.

0 XP - The group defeated the enemies easily and barely got a scratch.

Additionally, the GM may award the following experience bonuses:

150 XP - For each trap dealt with successfully. Each character gets the listed award.

100 XP - For each trap encountered and set-off. Each surviving character gets the listed award.

100 XP - The character was role-played well and entertainingly.

100 XP - For each hex travelled.

100 XP - For each small dungeon or dungeon level explored.


  1. You understand that experience for defeating monsters encourages combat?

    1. Well, defeat can take many forms. On the other hand, combat is an accepted and large part of fantasy gaming, and old school gaming in particular.