Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dungeon World

I discovered Dungeon World a couple of days ago, when their Kickstarter went live and exceeded their modest initial goal of $4.000 by a almost 350% within the seven hours of being live. (Again supports my theory that starting of with a modest goal yields more money in the end. I am looking at you, White Wolf!)

Anyways, I expect Dungeon World to do what LotFP, ACKS and DCC so far failed to do: getting my regular players interested in playing classic fantasy. So I joined the Adventurer's Guild of Dungeon World (essentially the Beta Testers) and will run my very first Dungeon World session tonight.

I am curious how that will play out, especially as for the first session you are asked not to prepare too much. Except something that gets you in the action right away. Sounds like a lot of improvisation (which I like).

The report of the actual play will be posted this weekend. As a rough backdrop, I will use Lands beyond the Drowning Woods, but remain open for what the players want.

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