Saturday, June 9, 2012

Burning down the house... ah... lodge

This post continues the WFRP3 actual play reports. The last time, we left our heroes as Finubaryel had broken the illusion keeping them trapped. The characters found themselves on the rooftop of the Grunwald Lodge, facing a fire demon that was slowly materializing and the cultist summoning it.

Athelas, elven war dancer took the hammer she had found in the shrine of Sigmar and attacked the demon. The warhammer broke apart bathing the rooftop briefly in white light. The weapons of the heroes were charged and able to hurt the demon. Finubaryel attacked the demon together with Athelas. Volcifar used an illusion spell to subtly change the summoning spell that the traitorous cultist Gregor Pierceson was reading. While Lutz attacked the cultist and rammed a bottle of sleeping potion into the mouth that had replaced an eye of the cultist. The demon stuttered and his connection to the world weakened. Volcifar rammed his staff into the remaining eye of the cultist and send him sprawling to the roof. Then he methodically smashed the skull of the cultist. The fire demon was banished from the world.

The group noticed that the house beneath their feet was on fire. Athelas used a tree to escape to the ground. Lutz, Finubaryel and Volcifar went down into the third floor. Finubaryel and Volcifar in order to save their belongings, Lutz in order to save the injured people in the hospital. But the floor was already burning and the entrances to the rooms blocked. Out of the smoke came Doctor Sieger, who was a former wizard of the Bright Order. He controlled the flames and allowed Finubaryel and Volcifar to save their belongings. Volcifar discovered to his horror that the chaos tome about the beastmen was gone. Then everyone was fleeing to safety.

Outside the lodge, the survivors gathered in the woods. Not everyone had made it. But Lord Aschaffenberg was save. The heroes rested and recuperated.

The next day, the four of them went back to search the ruins of Grunwald Lodge. In the smoking ruins of the Sigmar shrine they found a secret door beneath the altar leading down into the depth of the earth. The group explored a big tunnel apparently used by Skavens. When they found the entrance to some sort of lair, they decided to turn back. The entrance was hidden behind a moving rock wall. Inside was a deep and utterly dark tunnel. Athelas became afraid of entering. Volcifar went inside to look for a mechanism to seal the entrance again. Well, he sort of found it. He stepped on a tile in the floor and the door began to close. He tried to dive out of the tunnel, but wasn't fast enough. The tunnel entrance closed and he was left in the dark with the guttering flame of his mage light.

While he was waiting for the others to free him, he found a mechanism that could operate the tunnel entrance. But it was built around a warpstone, so he didn't dare to touch it. Luckily, the others found a way to open the tunnel again. Here, Volcifar turned out to be foolish again by shouting into the tunnel: "Somebody there?" Indeed, someone was. The group heard things moving toward them. Finubaryel shot an arrow into the dark. The arrow hit something soft. In a daring move, she fired another arrow at the tile that closed the entrance. She hit it hard enough to close the door.

Then, our four heroes fled back the way they had come. Back on the surface, Finubaryel convinced Lord Aschaffenberg to travel to Bogenhaven. The group travelled by coach and arrive in the evening at the Green Glade Inn. They were greeted by a halfling innkeeper and spent a quite and restful evening at the inn. Volcifar insisted on getting his own private room, because he had some murky intentions.

After he had killed the cult leader at the Grunwald Lodge, he had taken the tome "De Naturis Daemone". This night he dared to open the tome and read a few passages in its corrupted pages.  But first he was greeted by a vision of Tzeentch offering him to be the general of his armies attacking Middenheim. He gave him two months to decide on the offer. Volcifar was a bit worried, but nevertheless delved into the forbidden knowledge of the tome. He discovered a ritual for summoning a great demon that used profane artifacts of all four chaos gods. Due to earlier adventures, there is the strong possibility that the ritual had already been completed.

Then a shaken Volcifar went to bed. Later that night, he woke up when a cloaked and hooded stranger opened the shutters. Though he hurt his head, he cast a blade in the dark at the assailant. With a squeak and in a puff of green smoke the Skaven disappeared.

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