Monday, May 28, 2012

A Warhammer FRPG interlude at the Grunwald Lodge

In May we re-started our Warhammer FRPG 3rd edition campaign. Here is what happened at the Grunwald Lodge:

Previously, we had decided to explore the Grunwald Lodge before going to dinner. We wanted to find out, if anything strange going on at the hunting lodge. Our party consists of:
  • Finubaryel Dusterhain, a high elven bounty huntress
  • Athelas, a wild elven wardancer
  • Lutz, a smuggler from the Reiklands
  • Volcifar, a wizard's apprentice from the Grey Order
 Athelas, Lutz and I decided to go to the smithy, while Finubaryel went to the hospital inside the lodge. The smithy was strangely empty and cold. Apparently, there either was no smith or he wasn't doing his work. Lutz looked over a locked chest, but found a trap and didn't really decide to open it.

As we found out later, the dwarven smith was in the hospital. He was ill. But he told Finubaryel a story about a dream visitation of a high elven wizard who commanded him to forge a warhammer. He had finished that piece of work, but then was confined to the hospital due to a strange illness.

At the hospital we also found Astrid & Helmut, two guards suffering from infected bites inflicted by beast men attacks. The resident doctor seemed to be using some new form of treatment. Instead of cauterizing the wounds, he used ointments. That seemed a bit suspicious to us. Almost, as if he didn't want the guards to heal.

Also at the hospital was the gardener who seemed to suffer from some "mild sort" of pestilence. He was kept isolated while he was slowly dying. Still, Volcifar donned something called "Shallya's garments" and went to see him. But except for making us more suspicious, the gardener didn't provide any helpful insights. The strange garments were burned by the nurse, after Volcifar returned them.

At the same time, without knowing about the story of the warhammer, Athelas visited the small Sigmar shrine. There she found a strange warhammer mounted on the wall and decided to take the heavy weapon with her. Just like elven wardancers always do...? Then she went back to the house.

Lutz had separated from the group and gotten a bit curious about the library and a hooded stranger going there. It turned out to be the librarian, and he was meeting someone else. As far as Volcifar was told, Gregor Pierceson, who was the personal attendant of the vanished Andreas Aschaffenberg. Pierceson was wearing an eye patch and looked rather like a grizzled old veteran. After the two had left the library, Lutz went in to search it. He made a rather disconcerting discovery. Two books with obvious chaotic markings, one about the nature of demons (De Naturae Demonae) and the other about chaos beasts.

After our various explorations, we met again. This time in the boys' room, shared by Lutz and Volcifar. We talked about our various discoveries. Then, Volcifar decided to go to the library and recover the chaotic books and burn them. But when he came to the library, he only found one book, the one about chaos beasts. The other volume was missing. The wizard's apprentice risked a quick look inside the book and found a small ritual about summoning beast men. Growing highly suspicious, he left the library to return to the upstairs room. The book was securely wrapped in his cloak. Only he did not notice the dark shadow following him...

Note: This was the end of the second game session at Grunwald Lodge. The next session followed one week later. I was planning on covering the events of that evening of gaming in the same post. But my gamemaster decided to sidetrack me with Diablo 3 and a the preparations for a multi-player session. :( So the follow-up post will be a bit delayed.

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