Sunday, December 18, 2011

Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play 3rd Edition

Something I would like to mention here, even though it is neither Lamentations nor old-school. Yesterday, a friend of mine started a Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay campaign using the 3rd Edition rules. The game was fun. We are still trying to get the hang of all the fiddly bits and rules, but it was an entertaining evening.

Still, I think WFRP pertains a bit to this blog, since Lamentations gives of a similar vibe as WFRP in some places. Also, I like the mechanic of the party sheet. In essence, the player characters form a themed adventuring party. The party sheet measures party tension (nifty), allows the referee to award fortune points (similar to bennies, fate points or the proposed hero points of this blog) to the group, and gives the players the ability to share some their characters' capabilities with the group.

So, what happened yesterday? We are a company of Swords for Hire (our party sheet) who are just returning from Black Fire Pass where we were part of an imperial army fighting against orcs and goblins. The party consists of a wood elven wardancer, a high elven bounty hunter, and two Reiklanders, a smuggler and a wizard's apprenctice of the Grey Order (illusionists). While travelling to Ubersreik on the day before Geheimnistag, we encountered an over-turned coach (why do almost all WFRP adventures and campaigns I ever played in start with raided coaches?)  Apparently, it had been raided by beast men. Our elves thought that there were around 12 persons travelling with the coach. We didn't find any bodies. So we assume that they ended up as beast men lunch. A bit apart, concealed by the bushes the wood elf found an injured servant. He was carrying a marriage contract between two noble families. When he was revived, he told us that he was travelling back to his master with the contract. They were attacked almost before the end of the journey. Our smuggler had the idea of building a small cart out of the remains of the coach to have an easier time carrying the servant to the nearby hunting lodge.

On our way to the hunting lodge, we were attacked by a group of four smaller beastmen and their larger leader. We fought valiantly and after the wardancer killed the leader, the three remaining bestmen fled. Not a moment too soon. In the distant, a hunting horn already announced another pack of beastmen approaching. We ran toward the hunting lodge. Our wizard's apprentice was wondering why the beastman leader had tried to specifically kill the servant. Thanks to our smuggler he did not succeed.

At the hunting lodge we were greeted by Lord Aschaffenberg. He seemed rather jovial and congratulated us on defeating the beastmen (why didn't he help us?). The high elven bounty hunter noticed that someone was watching our arrival from a first floor window. We were invited to stay and share dinner with our host. Our host told us that Andreas Aschaffenberg, his brother, vanished here a year and a day earlier. All in all, considering the events, the lord seemed to be a bit unconcerned for my tastes. At that, we became a bit suspicious. We convened in the girls' room (the high elf and the wood elf) and shared our various suspicions. There might be some mastermind directing the beastmen, tomorrow is Geheimnistag (a day where the undead are roaming) and our arrival had been observed by some unknown person.

We decided that the smuggler should scout the room where the observer was most likely hidden. There, he found a doctor's study with a curious skeleton and a box of sleeping potions under the bed. Meanwhile the wizard's apprenctice was taking a bath.

Later we met again and decided that not all of us should eat dinner. The high elf volunteered for that. The wizard's apprentice plans to make his food look like he has eaten some, but in reality he'll not eat at all. Also, we decided that sitting in our rooms is not getting us anywhere. Instead, we should scout the estate. Here we finished the game yesterday.

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