Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Swamp of Dreadful Dreams

The Swamp of Dreadful Dreams is a mire of treacherous mud holes and quicksand, overgrown with cyan blue grass and weeping willows smelling of coppery death, and at night flooded by the saltwater tides from the Estuary of the Unquiet Dead. Legend tells that beneath the ever-present hills are the barrows of the queen consorts of the First Dwarves, lying dreaming, waiting to be reborn as slime demons from the outer dark.

Every night's sleep in the Swamp of Dreadful Dreams has a 25% chance of being a nightmare. If someone experiences a nightmare, the next day he suffers a -1 penalty to any and all actions and saves. Marsh elves never experience nightmares in the swamp, dwarves have a 50% chance of having nightmares.

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