Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Ravensfriend

Okay, I tried to resist, but failed my save miserably. I am just impressed with Richard Morgan's The Steel Remains and its sequel The Cold Commands. Also there is this:

The hero of both books is Ringil Eskiath, a war veteran who wields the blade Ravensfriend. The Ravensfriend was forged for him by the alien and immortal Kiriath. Its full name is something like:

I am welcomed in the home of ravens and other scavengers in the wake of warriors. I am friend to carrion crows and wolves. I am carry Me and kill with Me, and die with Me where the road ends. I am not the honeyed promise of length of life in years to come. I am the iron promise of never being a slave.
 I just have to do this sword as a magic item for Lotfp:

The Ravensfriend is a very sharp sword that can be drawn nearly instantly from its scabbard. It has the following powers:
  • It grants a magical +1 bonus to hit. In terms of Lotfp, that is huge. I am not planning on having any magic that grants a larger bonus.
  • The blade is very sharp and does double damage, i.e. 2d8.
  • The blade can be drawn and an attack made without any penalties.
  • The wielder is immune to all charm spells and effects. That's the bit about "the iron promise of never being a slave."
  • The wielder will not be attacked by ravens, carrion crows and wolves. They recognize the blade as provider of food. Again, see name.
The wielder of the Ravensfriend must "do the right thing" (as per the alignment righteous). Not neccessarily as a knight in shining armor, but using those means that come most naturally to him. As long as he is trying his best and getting somewhere, the Ravensfriend will not desert him. If he shirks away from this duty, the referee has two options: let the character roll a save vs. magical device. If he fails, he has to do the right thing (as determined by the referee). Or, the Ravensfriend will not grant him powers any longer.

Note: I am not satisfied with the negative effect of the blade. Any suggestions would be most welcome.

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  1. I have heard about those books in a number of different places now. It seems like I really need to check them out.