Thursday, December 1, 2011

Port Nameless

The city once had a name. Then the people decided to sell the name (and something else) to inchoate entities from beyond time and space - for food. Nobody in Port Nameless goes hungry. All the temples are abandoned, their windows cracked, their roofs open. In the sewers rules the Shrieking Shrew and the Council of Groats. Their rule is the law.

There are always six on the council. Snatched from the streets. They serve for life (and beyond?). They are the maker of laws and the judges. They may only speak in council while eating oat groat. Each time they meet, one of the groat meals is poisoned. One of the councilors may perish. To be replaced with another citizen snatched from the streets.

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  1. Wow. Cool. I read your earlier post about using Zak's method of weirding stuff up, by writing the mundane version first. You're really using it well. That's an excellent write up. Great ideas.