Sunday, December 4, 2011

Magic Mushrooms

Inspired by the Mushroom Song, I decide to have magic mushrooms in the lands beyond the Drowning Woods.


Sleep of the Earth of the land of Faerie
Deep is the lore of Cnuic na Sidhe
Hail be to they of the Forest Gentry
Pale, dark spirits, help us free
White is the dust of the state of dreaming
Light is the mixture to make one still
Dark is the powder of Death's redeeming
Mark but that one pinch can kill

So there are magic mushrooms that can be distilled into various essences. A magic-user can create the mixture like a potion of a 1st level spell. Instead of silver, creating the mushroom mixtures cost coppers. Selling price will usually be double the production costs.

White - The Dust of Dreaming
When taken before sleeping, the subject experiences vivid dreams. They have one of the following effects:

1 - Well rested (heal two additional hit points)
2 - Prophetic dreams (character can decide to take +2 on any one roll with d20 in the upcoming day)
3 - Inspiring dreams (character gains a +1 chance on one common activty roll made the upcoming day)
4 - Chaotic dreams (character can cast one spell at a caster level 2 higher than his level)
5 - Weird dreams (player decides that a d20 roll has to be repeated, the new result counts)
6 - Dreams of chance (game master decides that a d20 roll has to be repeated, the new result counts)

Light - The Mixture that makes one still
When taken, the character enters a death-like trance. He will not be plagued by any dreams. For 1d6 hours he will appear to be dead to any onlooker. Taking the light mixture prevents you from having nightmares.

Dark - The Powder of Death's Redeeming
Deadly poison. Save vs. poison or die. The death will be painless and quick.

Each time some one ingests a dose of mushroom powder, he must save vs. poison to avoid addiction.
The save is +2 for white and -2 for dark powder. Yes, you can become addicted to the dark powder. If you become addicted, you have to have the mixture in order to sleep. If you don't you suffer a -1 penalty to all activities the next day. If you become addicted to white powder, this may progress to
light and later dark powder addiction at the discretion of the referee.

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