Thursday, December 15, 2011


A Goblin-Spider Forest of course needs goblin-spiders. These are not your  traditional Japanese variant. Goblin spiders are smallish to largish creature with the body of a spider and the head of a warty hooked-nosed goblin. Their two foremost legs are actually able to manipulate tools and weapons. Though they rarely use them.

Goblin-spiders: HD 1, AC 13, Speed: one-and-a-half times as fast as an unencumbered man, Morale: 8, Damage: 1d4 + poison (save vs. poison +2 or die) (bite), 1/day web (caster level = HD), AL: Chaotic.

This is the most commonly encountered variant. For larger variants increase HD, increase armor class by 1 for every 2-3 HD, at 3 HD loose the +2 save bonus, at 6 HD impose a -2 save bonus. Queen Tittania probably has at least 10 HD and may even be a magic-user.

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