Thursday, December 15, 2011

Goblin-Spider Forest

Through the dense and pathless coniferous forest run several brooks flowing from the two lakes towards the coast. The weather is rainy in summer and snowy in winter. The forest is home to the halflings, centered around the town of Darkenstone. Somewhere deep within the woodland the caves of the goblin-spider queen are hidden, where the goblin-spiders enslave unlucky travelers and their queen, Tittania, spins a vast web over a bottomless pit.

Notes: Yes, I realized too late that a spider queen sitting over a bottomless pit has been done to death. But at least Tittania is neither demon nor godess, just a big fat spider. Think Shelob with more malice and spells. Also, the halflings have finally found their homeland. Unfortunately, as you will read later, it is under attack by the Deep Ones from a distant star.

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