Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I just mentioned the dragon Anthrax the Purple Thunder, so it's logical to post my take on dragons. When I told a friend the name of the dragon, he immediately suggested heavy metal band name themed dragons. We'll see if I roll with that.

Dragon: HD 2 to 12, AC 12 + # of HD, Speed: half that of an unencumbered man on ground, thrice that airborne, Morale 8, Damage: 3d6 (bite), 2x 1d8 (claws), 1x 1d6 (tail slap), magic resistence at HD x5%, AL: see below.
  • Alignment: 50% of all dragons are aligned with law, the other 50% with chaos. 
  • Dragon breath: Lawful dragons breath a cone of cold. Chaotic dragons breath a cone of fire. 1d4 attackers will be caught in the cone. They take # of HD in d6 damage (save vs. breath weapon for half damage). Accordingly, lawful dragons are immune to cold, and chaotic dragons are immune to fire.
  • Spells: Lawful dragons cast cleric spells. Chaotic dragons cast magic-user spells. They will know 1d6 randomly determined 1st level spells, 1d3 randomly determined 2nd level spells and 1 random spell of 3rd level. Each spell can be cast once per day. If a spell is rolled multiple times, it can be cast multiple times. Caster level equals dragon HD.
I don't know yet where I am going with the lawful/chaos thing. It just seems right. The dragons are not chromatic or metallic, instead rather traditionally scaled and mottled in grey and brownish scales. I am thinking Skyrim a bit too much here...

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  1. I think I'm going to steal that idea of naming dragons after metal bands. And I don't even listen to metal.

    I oscillate between going with the classic 5 chromatics + pseudo-oriental golds and dragons closer to folklore like you have here.