Monday, December 12, 2011

The Doomglaroon River and the Death Frost Mountain

Today, we continue with the exploration of the lands beyond the Drowning Woods.

The Doomglaroon River is navigable from the delta around the Nameless City up to Kirkstead. The barges bring finished goods from the Nameless City upstream and raw materials downstream. In the riverside villages, the Speakers of the River serve as priests. They know the secrets of irrigation and river locks. Each spring in each village a prisoner is chosen by lottery to be the Disciple of the River Father. The chosen disciple is drowned in the river to appease the river and prevent flooding.

The Death Frost Mountain (name taken from Zak's campaign map) is the only mountain to survive the moonfall in the area. The top is covered year round by glittering ice. The Doomglaroon River has its source at the foot of the mountain. Legends tell that the mountain formed around a sleeping giant. If you want to explore the Death Frost Mountain, get yourself a referee and the excellent Doom Frost Death module from Lotfp.

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