Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Book of Stone

This grimoire consists of thin stone sheets harvested from the trees in the Stone-Cold Forest. Within the pages are densely etched with dwarven runes. The book contains five 5th level spells that any magic-user or tiefling can learn: major creation, passwall, stone shape, transmute rock to mud and wall of stone.

The real treasure, though, is the treatise on building stone galleys, an art currently lost to the dwarves. If dwarves hear of a character possessing the book, they will stop at nothing to acquire it. They will try to buy, steal or rob it.

But that is not the worst. The grimoire is as cursed as any other. Each time someone learns a spell from the book, he has to save vs. magical device. If the save is failed, the character is turned into a dwarf of equal level losing his spellcasting abilities. The victim can be saved by casting a remove curse on him.

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