Sunday, December 18, 2011


A banshee (or Bean-Sidhe) is the howling spirit of a dead elf woman whose appearance foretells death. Now, most elves in the land beyond the Drowning Woods are either marsh elves (sometimes called swamp elves) or pale elves. In other words, most elves aren't of the goody two shoes variety. What that means for the disposition of their ghosts is left up to the individual referee to determine.

Banshee: HD 9, AC 18, Speed: half as fast as an unencumbered man, Morale 12, Damage: 1d8 (claws), only vulnerable to silver & magic, 50% immunity vs. spells, typical undead immunities, AL: Chaotic.
  • Death Cry: Once per night, a banshee may scream loudly, painfully and deadly. Everyone within earshot has to succeed at a save vs. poison or die painfully in 2d6 rounds. Everyone who fails their save also is immediately deaf due to ruptured eardrums.

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