Saturday, November 26, 2011

World Building

As I stated earlier, I like designing fantasy worlds. This time around, I am trying to do this differently. Not so many flowery sentences, or useless facts, but instead a sandbox style game that describes the world in terms of who you meet, which treasures you find and which dangers you face.

I'll be heavily inspired by:
Zak's random tables are a very efficient way to populating your campaign world and generating story ideas. Also, they have a certain "weird" element that I like.

Evan's site has very useful bits on designing dungeons and standardized Lotfp monsters. Also, I like the inspirational sources gathered for the Nightwick Abbey setting. They help to inspire me for my as own, as-of-yet-unnamed setting (tentative working title "Beyond the Drowning Woods").

Richard Morgan just writes kick-ass sword & sorcery fiction. I especially like his take on the main character Ringil Eskiath.

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