Monday, November 28, 2011

The Weird Warlock from Beyond the Drowning Woods

Zak suggested a very efficient way to make things weird. I'll use that as one design principle of my campaign setting.

Not weird: The lands beyond the forest are ruled by the benevolent and just Marquis de Carabas. He lives in a castle attended by loyal servants and steadfeast men-at-arms. The marquis levies modest taxes and dispenses fair justice.

Weird: The lands beyond the Drowning Woods are ruled by the decrepit and shrewed Weird Warlock. He lives in a ramshackle village, surrounded by the wretches who failed to live up to their bargains with him. The Weird Warlock levies seemingly random taxes and dispenses cruel and unfair justice.

It really helps to think in non-weird terms first and then make it weird.

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